Recommendation method of inviting friends
Recommending immediately
Reward rules
Special bonus
The more people you invited,the more special bonus you will get from the bitcoinworld. Move your fingers and spread it out. Recommend your friends to join us!
Please aware that once the system finds out that you recommend yourself,the system will freeze your account. All the cheating behavior is forbidden. The power of interpretation of the Reward rules belongs to bitcoinworld.
Referrals Special bonus Special bonus introductions
1 Announcement ad / Popularize picture Announcement ad / Popularize picture,help you to increase the ways to popularize.
50 Exclusive domain name A exclusive recommendation-link will be offered to you for popularization and increase the reliability.
200 One to one customer-service manager serve Professional customer service manager. You are equipped with a professional customer service manager, whether you or your recommended users have any needs or problems, including recharge, withdraw, OTC and promotion. Our professional customer service manager will offer service to you carefully.